La fiducia reciproca รจ la base principale sulla quale iniziare un percorso insieme. La mia esperienza e il mio appoggio emotivo sono fondamentali per iniziare una collaborazione al fine di conseguire prestazioni eccellenti.


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The Cyclist's Diet

Evaluation to manage the sports diet and nutrition advice before, during and after a race, as well as a granfondo or a simple bike ride.

Sports Nutritional Evaluation

The recognition of any nutritional deficiencies and the assessment of physical health are fundamental analyzes for improving performance. Together with the experts we will go to restore this fundamental element. It is clear that every athlete needs a specially designed program, just think that each of us has a different metabolism and functioning and mental and bodily conditioning. During the chosen training course, my commitment is to follow the athlete step by step trying to modify, improve and refine the program according to the habits and needs of the same.

– calculation of body composition, plicometry

– nutritional advice studied based on habits, metabolism, training schedule and the need for weight loss

– specific tips for controlling hydration and nutritional supplementation during training

– daily or weekly advice with review of the food program